Kubernetes 101 Workshop


Bring a laptop to follow along with this interactive session as we learn Kubernetes basics using curl, kubectl, oc and other command-line tools. Attendees will learn to model portable, scaleable, and highly-available solutions using open source tools for cloud-native computing.

By the end of this lab, attendees will have hands-on experience deploying, scaling, and automating simple container-based distributed solutions on Kubernetes.

This workshop covers the same material as Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes in the morning. Please only plan to attend one of the two workshops.

Participants can follow along together in room 106, or join remotely via the live broadcast.

Mar 5, 2020 2:00 PM — 5:00 PM
Pasadena, CA
Bob Killen
Bob Killen
OSS Program Manager @ Google

Cloud Native Nerd