KEPs BoF: Driving enhancements for... Enhancements [Event Postponed]

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kubernetes Enhancement Proposals (KEPs) have emerged as the canonical means of proposing changes to the Kubernetes project.

We’ve seen some net benefits from introducing the process, but as with anything that requires SIG Chair/Technical Lead/“top-level” approval, KEPs suffer from lack of merge velocity, due to the increased burden on reviewers.

In this Birds of a Feather session, we’ll discuss a few things: - your experiences with KEPs - buffering your KEP reviewer/approver pool - techniques to defer contentious decisions (the coveted “merge early, iterate often”) - restructuring KEPs to ease reviews - KEP Book Club - the upcoming KEPs website

We plan to land several improvements to KEPs in the next few cycles, so be prepared for some swift, helpful changes!

Please join us as we discuss and help shape the next iteration of this critical-path process for the Kubernetes project.